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12 Pack Hawk Super Battery AAA 1.5V Carbon Battery

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  • 12 Pack Hawk Super Battery AAA
  • 1.5V Carbon Battery 

Get dependable, long-lasting power from Hawk batteries. These batteries have been engineered to deliver the power you need for all your household devices. From storm season to medical needs to the holidays, Hawk is a trusted battery brand so you know it's a battery you can trust. Hawk Zinc Carbon All-Purpose batteries are not only dependable, they're also long-lasting.

Hawk Zinc Carbon All-Purpose batteries provide power to your lifestyle in devices like:

* Toys
* Remote controls
* Smoke Alarms
* Flashlights
* Calculators
* Clocks and Radios
* Portable Electronics
* Wireless Mice and Keyboards


10 YEAR guarantee in storage with Duralock Power Preserve Technology
Genuine Hawk Zinc Carbon batteries
100% checked for quality assurance


Zinc Carbon batteries have the potential to leak causing damage to devices and surfaces, and may cause injury. To avoid leaks follow the usage instructions below: