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Guitar Strings Classical Nylon Acoustic Universal Premium 6 Pack Regular Light

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Are your strings getting a little tired? Been playing a lot lately? Well, we have the solution for you. These Nylon Classical Guitar Strings are perfect for all applications and are made of extremely high quality. They are clear nylon with a nylon core. They are normal tension and are silver-plated copper wound. 


  • Regular light classic guitar strings; useful for routine string changes or replacing broken strings
  • Made of advanced multi-filament clear nylon with silver-plated copper winding for rich sound with a bright tone
  • Anti-rust coating for added protection and longer lasting performance
  • Created using automatic winding machines to ensure consistent quality and dependability
  • Measurements: E-1st - 0.71mm, B-2nd - 0.81mm, G-3rd - 1.02mm, D-4th - 0.76mm, A-5th - 0.89mm, E-6th - 1.09mm