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Hydroponics Plant Growing System 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit Led Grow Light Automatic Germination Kit Garden Planter 4L

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  • 【Grow Fresh Food Indoor All Year Round】:Have you been eager to start gardening but don’t have the outdoor space?All you need is the hunter tribe indoor herb garden kit to begin your planting journey,Equipped with 12 planting pods made from biodegradable coconut,The soilless cultivation feature rids you of the trouble of planting with soil; All kinds of fresh vegetables are always within your reach.
  • 【High Efficiency Grow Light】:There are 139 lamp beads in total that can emit four different spectrum lights of yellow, blue, red and white to meet the plant growth without sunlight.Provides three modes of automatic timer,Better simulation of outdoor sun hours,this will accelerate the plants to root, to sprout, and to grow,You will get multiple harvests in a year.
  • 【Hydroponic Circulation System】:Hunter Tribe Indoor Garden Kit with a built-in water pump to increase the oxygen in the water,Make your plants grow faster than soil,Allows you to grow the plants you want indoors year-round without being affected by the weather.
  • 【4L Large Water Tank】:The large-capacity water tank of this indoor garden kit reduces the frequency of adding. The visualized transparent water level indicator allows one to know at a glance and add water in time.
  • 【Growing a variety of fruits and vegetables】:Be able to grow herbs, dill, chives, peppers, lettuce, coriander, cherry tomato, spinach, parsley, mint, basil, thyme, rosemary, and basically anything that can be grown indoors. (Doesn’t come with seeds)
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