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Multipurpose Scissors Stainless Steel 7-in-1 Kitchen Shears Cutting Slicing Peeling Magnetic Holder

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Speeds up meal preparation:
Specifically designed to be used when cutting thick foods that can be slippery and dangerous to use a normal knife. It can be used for all cooking-related ingredients. Kitchen shears are versatile and easy to use and control. It makes cooking tasks faster, easier and precise.

Ensure safety when handling the hard stuff:
The fulcrum of Namtso kitchen shears is fixed at a position closer to the blades and further away from the handles. This distance allows for a better ability to use more power when cutting hard stuff such as bones, rosemary stems, and kitchen twine without risking the possibility of hurting the users' hands. It is great for your safety at all times.

Easy to clean and maintain:
The meat-cutting scissors can be taken apart for washing purposes. It is very important that all kitchen tools be hygienic. This tool has been made to allow for easy cleaning after cutting chicken or other foods. The kitchen knife's scissors also dry up pretty fast and thoroughly thus ensuring it doesn't get rusty in the hinges.

Multipurpose in-and out-of the kitchen:
It is a multi-functional shear used in the kitchen, other people find it useful as pinking shears and even as poultry shears.
Cutting herbs
Opening packaging cartons and cans
Breaking down poultry meat
Removing fish scales
Cutting any meat into certain sized pieces and cutting fruits into specific sizes
Can opener and screwdriver

Outdoor functions as well:

It can be used in the outdoors too! Kitchen scissors can be taken to fishing expeditions, camping trips, picnics, and barbecues in the backyard for a whole range of different purposes.


  • Kitchen Scissors with Magnetic Holder.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Multiple uses.

*All children must use under adult supervision