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Pair 7A Maple Wood Drumsticks Lightweight Endearing Music Oval Tip Drum Sticks

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Pair of 7A Maple Wood Lightweight Drumsticks

Drop the beat with ease thanks to this pair of drumsticks. The 7A drumsticks make an excellent choice for students, rock-n-roll garage bands, and jazz musicians alike--great as a starter pair when practicing, as a spare pair, or the pair to reach for when taking a stage by storm.

Low-Density Maple Wood
Made of durable yet lightweight Maple, the resilient, reactive drumsticks nicely accommodate quieter settings and fast playing with a lighter touch. The sticks are polished with a non-slip surface, which helps ensure a secure, comfortable grip.

Wide-Range Oval Tips
Whether connecting with drums or cymbals, the drumsticks’ oval-shaped tips help provide an impressively large spectrum of sound. Let the thunder roll.


  • Pair of 7A Maple Wood Lightweight Drumsticks.
  • Ideal for orchestras, rock-n-roll bands, jazz musicians, students, and more.
  • Made of durable yet lightweight, Maple wood; accommodates quieter settings and fast playing with a lighter touch.
  • Non-slip polished surface helps ensure a comfortable, secure hold.
  • Oval-shaped tips designed to produce a large spectrum of sound.
  • Measures - Length 39cm, Thick 1.5cm.