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Pure Active Garnier Pure Purifying Peel Kit Anti-Bact Wash 50ml and Peeling Solution 50ml

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Product Description
If you have skin prone to imperfections and need help clearing recurring imperfections and marks Garnier Pure Anti Imperfection Peel Kit is the product for you. 

Garnier Pure Anti Imperfection Peel Kit not only helps clear imperfections but also fights surface bacreria which can be the cause of problematic skin. The Garnier Pure Anti Imperfection Peel Kit helps breaks the cycle of imperfections. 

Garnier Pure Anti Imperfection Peel Kit works in two stages. In the first stage the resurfacing exfoliating cream wash has enriched naturally derived pumice stone particles to help exfoliate impurities and dead skin cells that block pores. Its formula helps clear imperfections and reduce the appearance of marks on the surface of the skin. In the second stage the peel solution helps tighten pores, clear imperfections and prevent their reappearance. 

It is recommended that you use the Garnier Pure Anti Imperfection Peel Kit 3 times a week in the evening. 

  • Contains 50ml Anti-Bacterial Wash and 50ml Peeling Solution.
  • Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Purifying Peel Kit exfoliates dead skin cells and unclogs pores.
  • Helps clear imperfections, and protect against their appearance.