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Sensory Fidget Worm Morphing Toy Desk Relax Stress Anxiety Slug Transforming Gift

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  • Experience a world of tranquility as you manipulate and contort the ellipsoid body of our Fidget Toy. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits quietly,
    without disturbing others. This sensory stress relief toy is perfect for both kids and adults, and makes an ideal gift for ADHD sufferers.

  • Our Fidget Toy is the bigger, advanced version of fidget toys. It stretches, collapses, accordions, bends, flexes, and extends,
    offering versatile movements to cater to your unique fidgeting preferences.

  • Our Fidget Toy serves as a metaphorical key to unlocking the vastness of the universe and understanding the bending nature of our reality.
    Engage in a tactile journey that transcends the physical boundaries of ordinary fidget toys.


  • Material: Plastic

  •  Size: 8cm/10cm

  • Colours: Blue, Green, Fluro Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Rainbow