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Wireless Portable Rechargeable Pedicure Foot Feet Calluses Remover Vacuum

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Wireless Portable Rechargeable Pedi Calluses Remover Vacuum all in 1

Pedi Callus Remover with built-in vacuum for beautiful feet! Motorized, rechargeable and 2 speeds. Eliminates calluses with no powdery mess. Ergonomic design. Includes emery pad and buffing pad.

Get rid of those unpleasant calluses in seconds!

Now you can remove those though calluses instantly without having to clean up the residues with the Pedi Vac: Rechargeable Foot File – the first motorized callus removal device with a built-in vacuum. Manual removers can leave you with painful, sore toes but not the Pedi Vac. It features a powerful nano-abrasion head that spins at 2000 RPM, and yet is still extremely gentle on the skin. But that’s not all! What’s great about it too is its built-in vacuum that simultaneously sucking dead skin into a collection chamber.

All you need to do is switch it on, gently place it on your feet and the device will do the rest for you! What more could you ask for? Carry your Pedi Vac: Rechargeable Foot File with you and make sure that your feet remain callus-free wherever you go!


  • The Pedi Vac: Rechargeable Foot File removes though calluses and sucks up the powder shavings at the same time
  • Extremely portable and lightweight you can hardly feel its weight in your hand, bring it anywhere you want!
  • Easy to use with one button operation and it’s also rechargeable
  • Its designed to be gentle on your skin and removes thin layers

Pedi Vac: Rechargeable Foot File does not just remove calluses but also helps to restore your skin to its original texture. The device will leave your skin feeling and looking soft. It minimizes the chances of removing the excessive amount of skin.